Innovation is an engine of growth. Several financing possibilities exist today to support your research and innovation projects, including the Research Tax Credit (CIR) and Innovation Tax Credit (CII). AGANAH is a consulting and financing company for innovation. We put our expertise at your service.

Financing these research and/or innovation projects should no longer be an obstacle to your company’s development. In order to best meet the expectations of its customers, AGANAH offers various attractive and competitive packages that meet the need for a direct return on investment.

The operational team accompanies you throughout the process from the audit of the works, through the costing and the drafting of the technical-scientific files according to 4 different formulas:

Get support for your research and innovation projects.

Turnkey offer

We offer a follow-up and assistance throughout the process from the audit of the work to obtaining financing.
This involves carrying out an audit of the research and/or innovation projects and enables us to estimate the amount you can claim.

We remain at your side for the following 3 phases:

Packaged offer

Our intervention package includes :
  • The “turnkey” intervention.
  • An evaluation of your resource needs for the realization of your research and/or innovation projects.
  • Accompaniment by an AGANAH consultant capable of integrating your project team and justifying in writing the work eligible for the CIR/CII.

The service provided by AGANAH’s consultant specialized in R&D and Innovation allows you to recover 30% of the invoice in the form of Research Tax Credit, or 20% in the case of Innovation Tax Credit.

Customized offer

AGANAH offers you the possibility to become autonomous in the valuation and justification of your CIR-CII declarations.

Training phase

To do this, we accompany you according to your needs, on all the actions to be carried out to secure your declarations.

Our support takes the form of CPF-eligible training, on site or remotely, at each key stage of the mission.

Support phase

We provide a dedicated expert throughout the training period, as well as all the intuitive and essential tools (memo sheets, advice sheets, audit sheets, Excel matrices, supporting file template, etc.) enabling you to work with your internal teams at each stage of the mission.

Application for Cir/cii approval

Are you an independent technical expert or a subcontractor?

We accompany you in all your steps useful to the request for approval CIR and / or CII. Obtaining your approval is essential for your work to be recognized as eligible for the CIR-CII. Your customers will be able to benefit from a tax reduction (CIR or CII) on the basis of the invoices you issue.

We remain at your side for the following 3 phases:

Need financial support or technical expertise for your projects?