innovation technologies
and DIGITAL transformation

"At the time of the Digital transformation".

The emergence of new technologies and the explosion of communication means define new contexts and challenges for companies.

To this end, ALTELIOS TECHNOLOGY supports all companies that have embarked on this new challenge of digital transformation, by providing them with engineers capable of meeting all professional, technical and personal challenges. Their concern is to satisfy the customer and to be up to date in this new technology era.

Their expertise covers several areas: Project Management, Project Owner, System Administration, Networks & Telecoms, Databases, Cybersecurity, Operations.

Our interventions are particularly focused on the following areas:

digital transformation & innovation

As a true technological partner, Altelios Technology accompanies you in your industrial and digital transformations through the implementation of an agile organization. We guide your internal teams towards certification.

Our jobs: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Tech lead, Dev lead …

business application development

Altelios Technology supports its clients throughout the entire value chain of a project’s life cycle (Design, Build, Run, Transform). To offer you a quality service, we rely on both proven agile methods (XP, SCRUM) and modern technologies in both Front end and Back end.

Our jobs: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Tech Lead, Project Manager, Angular, Java, Javascript, Node JS, Python …

Cloud infrastructure & expertise

With our expertise in Open Source infrastructure technologies, we support our customers in their Cloud & DevOps transformation projects (agility, speed of deployment, flexibility and cost optimization). To take full advantage of the opportunities of the Cloud and its innovations, our services cover a wide range of areas including change management and transition from On-premise to the Cloud.

Our jobs : Sec Dev Ops, Orchestration, Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, C++, C#, PHP, Java, Java Script, Python, Vus JS …

cyber security

Cyber Security has become a major concern for all companies. Altelios Technology has chosen to make this its specialty. Our experts offer two types of services:

Audit services :

  • Intrusion tests (internal and external, physical and logical)
  • Exercises in “Red Team” mode
  • Vulnerability, compliance, architecture, code, configuration audits …

Consulting services :

  • Risk mapping and treatment plan
  • Revision of legal frameworks: IT charter, regulatory compliance, etc.
  • Implementation of an ISMS