operational safety

"Control of electronic and mechanical
system failures".

We provide our customers in the industrial and high-tech sectors with expertise in the fields of  Safety, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Documentation.

We offer support for all environments, methods, tools and analyses related to Operational Safety and Integrated Logistics Support. 

Our offers have been specially developed to best meet your needs.

Expertise & Consulting

Customized support for all standards, environments, risk control, methods, tools and analyses related to Operational Safety and Integrated Logistic Support. Our experience, and that of our experts, in the industrial and “field” environments naturally leads us to provide services:

  • pragmatic,
  • short in terms of time,
  • in perfect adequacy with your needs.

studies on technical specifications

Our studies are mainly carried out on a fixed-price basis (guarantee of successful completion and cost control), thanks to a very strong technical culture. Indeed, our expert consultants come from mechanical, electronic and mechatronic backgrounds, complemented by a wide variety of missions and the support of “best practices” capitalized internally.

We ensure a role of advice and support in all your projects thanks to our complete and diversified offer in :

  • Functional Safety (FMDS/RAMS studies, preliminary hazard analysis, FIDES, Markov Diagram, Fault Trees…)
  • Quality control (Quality Management System, Process FMEA, CKP/CMC Capability, MSP/SPC process control…)
  • Integrated Logistics Support

intervention in technical assistance

Our qualified and experienced consultants will intervene on your sites with the necessary experience to carry out your projects:

  • For consecutive requirements A breakdown of the service with formal key points and/or deliverables will be agreed with the relevant department.
  • For staggered needs We can offer you a contract defining our collaboration, for a cumulative duration to be worth one calendar year.

These two modes of technical assistance give you flexibility and guarantees for the success of your key projects.

our training unit

FIATEQ, a company of the Altelios Technology group, is a registered Professional Training Organization with the Prefecture of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region. We have developed a complete and adapted offer to best meet your needs. The sessions are provided by the Technical Department. The content of the training programs is based on the capitalization of the expertise and know-how developed by the engineers in-house. 

The training activities, which can be carried out both on our clients’ sites and in our offices, are based on two main areas:

  • The optimization of the content by the choice of the clients of the micro-modules that we present to you through the training catalog and that we adapt to your needs,

  • Transcription of the rules of the art to the realities of the field. The content of the training courses is based on theories applied by concrete methods.