"Support in the Energy Transition"

The agreements of the COP21 in Paris concerning global warming and the high demand for electricity make the energy transition a central issue today.

France, a major player in nuclear energy, has decided to promote the development of new energies and to connect different sources of electricity production to the distribution network. Therefore, the government has embarked on the development of new technological solutions, such as the latest generation of nuclear reactors called EPR.

At the same time, so-called renewable energy becomes fundamental to accompany this transition.

It is in this particular context that ALTELIOS TECHNOLOGY is committed to supporting the three major energy families that are the pride of the French economy.

nuclear energy

With its 2,500 companies and 220,000 employees, the nuclear industry is the third largest industrial sector after the aeronautics and automotive industries. 

France is responsible for all nuclear activities, from uranium mining and construction of nuclear power plants to fuel fabrication and reprocessing and waste management.

France has regulatory bodies that ensure compliance with safety and training standards. 

ALTELIOS supports all companies involved in the development of nuclear activities, from the design of their projects to dismantling, including site activities, safety and risk prevention, as well as the training required to develop skills.

oil & gas

The oil and gas sector is facing increasingly complex challenges: energy transition, tightening government regulations…

We accompany you throughout the chain of transmission / transformation. Our consultants provide design and project management, as well as in-depth expertise on both onshore and offshore projects.

Our professions in the Oil & Gas sector: Project Manager, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Supply Chain Engineer, Procurement Engineer, Project Engineer Planner, Commissioning, HSE/RP Engineer,

renewable energy

Our employees work on various projects related to hydroelectricity, hydrogen, wind power, hydraulics, photovoltaics … with a common objective: Design, Develop, Secure, ensure the commissioning of projects for a less polluted environment.