A story that lasts since 2008

What is iso 9001 certification and what is its purpose ?

It is a certificate that allows us to ensure a strong image of reliability and efficiency to our customers. Each year an audit is organized and allows us to perpetuate this certification, a guarantee of quality.

A story that lasts since 2008 !

Yes, it’s been 12 years that our agility and adaptability are recognized annually by a quality audit. This year again we can perpetuate this quality guarantee despite the current situation. This is the case for all our subsidiaries including belgium and our design office in valence.

The altelios “plus

With the covid context and the confinement and/or teleworking, we have been able to adapt our working methods to maintain quality and agility in all our activities.

Our quality policy is based on the following four strategic axes

– follow-up and intégration of the collaborators,

– Customer satisfaction

– group sustainability,

– continuous improvement.

– efficient it tools

A big thank you !

Thank you to our quality & innovation manager, ruthy bendavid, for her work as well as to the support functions and employees for their unfailing support.