Altelios sponsors the « Rallye Aîcha des Gazelles »

The « Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles » of Morocco develops a car competition in order to raise public awareness of “First Aid” training for children, with the particularity of old-fashioned navigation, i.e. only off-road, without speed or GPS.

Since 1990, 320 Gazelles of 17 different nationalities, from 18 to 71 years old share this adventure in the Moroccan desert. The winning team is the one that has covered the least number of kilometers while pointing out a maximum number of beacons.

In order to show our support to this cause, ALTELIOS TECHNOLOGY group sponsored Charlotte MOREAU, alias “Wonder Cha” and Constance QUAGLINO, alias “Captain Quagli” who made up the BETA MORPHOSE team.

Congratulations to BETA MORPHOSE who finished the competition in 8th position on March 31st in Essaouira.